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knot your average bun

my good friend’s mom told her awhile back she should tone down her go to hairstyle of a high, messy bun because it wasn’t very becoming or feminine. little did she know how the high, top-knot bun would make a resurgence for high fashion and the everyday alike! there cannot be something all wrong with an easy, go-to hairstyle that elongates the face, excentuates good bone structure, and adds some whimsy and personality to any look (when done right, of course!).

the bun has a history of being labeled as a “ballet” or “ballerina” bun … but don’t be so quick to put the bun in a box. like all things in life, buns can come in all shapes and sizes.

so what’s the issue with these little gems, you ask? from my humble bun experience(s), my qualms have to do with not being able to execute the flawless height to size ratio. and with all things in life … size does matter. i admit i have a rather large head, but don’t you worry, i also balance that baby out with some thick, long hair. so, i postulate, i should be able to achieve that perfectly perky bun, too. easier said than done.

the recipe for bun perfection seems to be a. hair going on day #2 (shh, you know it happens to the best of us) and b. a mean tease, i.e. backcomb. here is a video that helped me finally achieve the look i wanted:

inspirational pictures:




word to the wise: beware of your stray hairs

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i have a feeling we will be seeing much more of this trend as the warmer months come our way — the top knot is the perfect go to style for staying cool, in all meanings of the word. time to start practicing!


color me obsessed

i first started seeing red pants on the fashion elite last winter, and immediately HAD to get my hands on a pair. unfortunately, the trend hadn’t trickled down to main-stream stores yet, and so i was left to my own devices…

one night I was boiling some beets (yes, it happened) and i was left with a huge pot of bright red water. i figured it might be just the thing for a khaki pencil skirt in my closet, which i had already planned on dying with some RIT dye. if it worked for the ancients, why not me? so skirt went into the pot. one hour and many weird looks from hungry roommates later, i pulled it out, rinsed it off, and saw NO DIFFERENCE. so disappointing! especially since i had already planned several future outfits around my new favorite red pencil skirt. laziness then got the best of me, and the skirt moved to the back of my closet.

i finally came across a pair of fuchsia BlankNYC skinnies at Madewell in december and wore them for three days straight after i bought them. so fun! every boring shirt i own found new life as an anchor for these fabulous pants. i now own red jeans as well, and after seeing them at a party last weekend, am planning on finding a bright blue pair to add to the rotation.

the best part about colored pants is the instant drama they add to your outfit. as someone who always forgets jewelry, and wears some combination of striped tee, cardigan and flats religiously, the pants allow me to mix it up without much effort. and i get compliments every time i wear them. why isn’t everyone on the colored pants train?

hello world!

Life/art. can one exist without the other?

what separates art from life anyways? who’s to say that all in life is not art? even things found hideous to some are beautiful to another, and styles we find repulsive one season will make a come back the next (flatforms? pleated pants? really?).

the art and beauty in the every day has provided an escape throughout years of schooling, job hunting, trying to figure out who i am, what i want, and how i can get it. i’ve saved way too many photos from blogs and artists’ websites that i find inspiring and would like to remember, buy or emulate when i have a real house/budget/life.

for now it’s all a dream, but to move on to the next level of obsessive image-collection, a blog! someplace where we can actually talk about the things we like and not just squirrel them away in the backs of our hard-drives. covering everything from fashion to beauty to cooking adventures (it’s ALWAYS an adventure when we cook), DIY projects and home decor.

now, on to the fun stuff!