color me obsessed

i first started seeing red pants on the fashion elite last winter, and immediately HAD to get my hands on a pair. unfortunately, the trend hadn’t trickled down to main-stream stores yet, and so i was left to my own devices…

one night I was boiling some beets (yes, it happened) and i was left with a huge pot of bright red water. i figured it might be just the thing for a khaki pencil skirt in my closet, which i had already planned on dying with some RIT dye. if it worked for the ancients, why not me? so skirt went into the pot. one hour and many weird looks from hungry roommates later, i pulled it out, rinsed it off, and saw NO DIFFERENCE. so disappointing! especially since i had already planned several future outfits around my new favorite red pencil skirt. laziness then got the best of me, and the skirt moved to the back of my closet.

i finally came across a pair of fuchsia BlankNYC skinnies at Madewell in december and wore them for three days straight after i bought them. so fun! every boring shirt i own found new life as an anchor for these fabulous pants. i now own red jeans as well, and after seeing them at a party last weekend, am planning on finding a bright blue pair to add to the rotation.

the best part about colored pants is the instant drama they add to your outfit. as someone who always forgets jewelry, and wears some combination of striped tee, cardigan and flats religiously, the pants allow me to mix it up without much effort. and i get compliments every time i wear them. why isn’t everyone on the colored pants train?


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