knot your average bun

my good friend’s mom told her awhile back she should tone down her go to hairstyle of a high, messy bun because it wasn’t very becoming or feminine. little did she know how the high, top-knot bun would make a resurgence for high fashion and the everyday alike! there cannot be something all wrong with an easy, go-to hairstyle that elongates the face, excentuates good bone structure, and adds some whimsy and personality to any look (when done right, of course!).

the bun has a history of being labeled as a “ballet” or “ballerina” bun … but don’t be so quick to put the bun in a box. like all things in life, buns can come in all shapes and sizes.

so what’s the issue with these little gems, you ask? from my humble bun experience(s), my qualms have to do with not being able to execute the flawless height to size ratio. and with all things in life … size does matter. i admit i have a rather large head, but don’t you worry, i also balance that baby out with some thick, long hair. so, i postulate, i should be able to achieve that perfectly perky bun, too. easier said than done.

the recipe for bun perfection seems to be a. hair going on day #2 (shh, you know it happens to the best of us) and b. a mean tease, i.e. backcomb. here is a video that helped me finally achieve the look i wanted:

inspirational pictures:




word to the wise: beware of your stray hairs

             thumbs down                                  thumbs up


i have a feeling we will be seeing much more of this trend as the warmer months come our way — the top knot is the perfect go to style for staying cool, in all meanings of the word. time to start practicing!


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