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irish blue biscuits

as promised, here is the recipe and some documentation of the cooking adventure i had with my mom this weekend. along with all of the goodies we made for my sister’s birthday, we made these amazing blue cheese crackers, recipe from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess. if you like blue cheese, these are heaven in a bite. i am going to make them again as soon as i find myself in possession of a large hunk of blue cheese that i haven’t already eaten most of… difficult to come by, these moments. and the best part? you can make them into any shape you want! we went for a mild scalloped diamond as it was our first time making them, but i’m thinking an elephant cookie cutter for next time, or maybe a whole zoo, how cute would that be?


Irish Blue Crackers
from How to Be a Domestic Goddess

preheat oven to 400 F.

3/4 c. Cashel Blue (or other blue cheese)
scant 1/2 c salted butter, softened
1 large egg yolk

then work in, forming a soft dough
3/4 c all-purpose flour
1/4 c blue cornmeal
 (i used regular old yellow cornmeal, which is why my crackers aren’t as pretty as Nigella’s)
a pinch of salt (depending on how salty your cheese is)

shape the dough into a disk, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

dust a surface with flour and roll out the dough until it’s about a quarter-inch thick. cut into any shape you’d like. brush with an egg glaze, and cook for 10-15 minutes. they’ll be crisp around the edges and soft in the middle when they’re finished. remove to a wire rack to cool.


happy monday!

ok, maybe not so happy monday. i had to wake up extra early this morning, and after an extended dinner last night with a girlfriend it was not the easiest of tasks… but looking back at pictures taken from this weekend, i get a jolt of inspiration from the fact that:

a. spring is (hopefully) actually here!

b. there are only 4.5 days left til next weekend! time to start planning some epic activities so we have something to look forward to throughout the week.

here are some glimpses of my weekend (including my sister’s 19th birthday!), as you can tell, making and eating food ranks pretty high on my list of favorite activities…

last image is of some AMAZING blue cheese crackers, recipe from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess.

they’re amazing. recipe and pics to follow.

must get chocolate

in an effort to quench the intense chocolate cravings i am having right now (HUGE problem seeing that i have no chocolate and no intention of leaving my house just to get some), i have been searching for delicious, chocolatey, recipes, hoping that mental indulgence will help. i think it’s having the opposite effect, but i wont force any more of my misery on you, and instead, present this gift: a recipe for insanely rich chocolate mousse that has… two ingredients. seriously. CHOCOLATE AND WATER. if i didn’t fail at stocking my pantry i could be feasting right now. i hope that the rest of you are luckier i.e. more prepared than i am.

you’re welcome.

PS: i like the direct spoon to mouth option, but apparently this also makes a good cake filling. and if you want to get really fancy you can infuse other flavors into the water before adding the chocolate. they suggest earl grey tea, which i have. baby steps.

back to the basics

as much as i’ve been “branching out” lately, aka buying my bold yellow pants, i love me some basics. foolproof, classy, seamless, chic, the basics are timeless for a the mere reason that they can never steer you wrong. check out this outfit: crisp, light-washed jeans for spring, plain white tee, beige trench, and a little black skimmer. this outfit just makes me want go sit on the patio of my favorite little hipster-tastic lunch spots in LA before window shopping quirky stores with a coffee in my hand and my good friends by my side. where would you go in this outfit? i’ll meet you there.



home is where I am with you



soft as silk

blouses by equipment

i’ve been craving more silk blouses in my life lately, i think that their drapey fit and softness just get to me. not to mention that they are the ultimate “wear with everything” piece. worn with a pencil skirt or slacks to the office, even a bright or patterned silk blouse fits right in to the toughest work uniform. with jeans or a skirt it transitions to the weekend. and if you’re feeling up for it, throw it over a swimsuit and it’s the perfect cover-up for beach days! not that water and sand are good for silk. maybe that one is best left to the catalogs…

so i will be looking around for some blouses to add to the rotation. i love the ones at equipment, but they’re a bit pricey, so i think i’ll try vintage hunting first. here are some combinations that i am planning on working with my future silk shirt collection:

in a bright color to dress up jeans...

in a dark color or simple pattern to tone down bright jeans

with white shorts for summer...

or in white with more formal pants for work

for casual weekend days...

and not so casual weekend days

anyone else as addicted as i am?

and it was all yellow

i’ve been trying to take off my black and white lenses and break out of my bright color phobic comfort zone. easier said than done … old habits do die hard. however, this weekend, in a moment of strength, i purchased a pair of yellow skinny jeans. yes, you read that right: YELLOW skinny jeans. i know colored pants are very in right now, but i’ve had a hard time finding my own spin in wearing a colored pant. most of the mannequins i pass downtown have color upon color upon color, which honestly isn’t my style. so, here’s my spin on a yellow pant. is it too mellow yellow for you?

mellow yellow


there is no better afternoon pick-me-up than a good cup of coffee and a couple biscotti. it’s the perfect combination of caffeine, sugar, and substance to bring me out of the slump i fall into around 2pm. the slump hit early today, and being far from any cafe, and too lazy really to leave the house, i decided to motivate myself and make some biscotti instead! inspired by the spoonfuls of nutella i was eating earlier, i found this chocolate hazelnut biscotti recipe, and they are delicious. with new found energy, i’m off to do productive things like walk my dogs and… go on pinterest.

happy presidents’ day!

happy weekend!

i started my holiday weekend off with some shopping, and a new purse! everyone, this is eva, and i am very excited for her to join my closet…

cute, no? she has a shape similar to an hermes kelly bag, which i’ve always loved (who doesn’t love hermes??), and seems big enough to hold a fair amount of stuff so i can take her to work, out, even use her as an overnight bag if i pack really well. and she’s brown! yes, E, i am that predictable. i think that she would go quite nicely with the lovely outfit you posted for me.

in other news, i am finally moving on monday (!!) so i will be spending the rest of the weekend packing up all of my earthly belongings. the fun is over.

hope you all take time to revel in the extra day off, maybe make a delicious brunch? these egg boats and lacy pancakes look delicious. work on some projects to jazz up your living space? go somewhere beautiful? make like this dog and recover from your week? you know what’s best.

enjoy it!

yes, please

can i pretty please with sugar on top look this easy-breezy-chic on the daily? i can just imagine the fringed scarf blowing in the wind as i walk to grab my jasmine tea latte at coffee bean. i love the muted tones and effortless glam, don’t you?



knot it! again!

i’ve discovered another way to perfect the voluminous topknot that has been so prevalent recently. for those who fear the side effects of the teasing, or find themselves in need of a quick style change with no tools, you may prefer this method to the perfectly rounded bun method posted previously by E. i can attest that her styling tips work wonders, and create a bun with great staying power, but my hair never holds a tease (maybe because i back-comb half-heartedly, but the process makes me fear for the life of my hair), so when I saw this tip at work this morning, i jumped out of my chair and ran to the closest mirror to test it out.

separate your ponytail into two sections and tie two loose knots (or more if you have longer hair!)

wrap your hair around the base as you would a normal bun and tuck the ends under your elastic, or pin them down. ignore the weird loose ends they left hanging out. no one likes loose ends...

with the bone-chilling temps, i needed a hairstyle that would allow max scarf coverage, aka no hair allowed below the ears. my ballerina bun has begun to sag but was instantly revived with some knotting! as weird as it sounds (especially from someone who just confessed her fears of the consequences of teasing), tying the two sides of my ponytail in knots gave my bun great volume and an interesting braided texture. tucking the bun ends into the elastic holding my ponytail, it required nothing else to hold it up. pins would have done well too, maybe better, but desperate times call for sacrifice…

moral of the story: when in need of an easy, instant updo, start knotting!