i’m (almost) a big kid now

it’s been awhile (read: years) since i had a bedroom that wasn’t a college dorm room or a transition room from my awkward childhood jungle safari themed bedroom (yes, there were stuffed animal monkeys hanging from the wall…). since living the dream and moving back home, i’ve been residing in a room that’s anything but aesthetically appealing for a variety of reasons, but mostly because a. i was moved into a small room that cannot hold all my belongings gracefully and b. living in limbo has left me uninspired to spend the ca$h monie$ necessary to decorate. consequently, this leaves me to spend the majority of my time outside of my room because i cannot stand its utter unattractiveness. moral of the story: it’s been a long time since i’ve had a bedroom that i feel is reflective of my design aesthetic and personality.

thus, i find myself falling asleep most nights thinking of what i want my next, big-girl bedroom to look like. the last space i “designed” myself was my dorm room, which though i fully admit was a “juvenile” space, is on par with the vibe i would want to achieve: a space with lots of light, femininity, clean lines but not sterile, pops of color, and scattered with various textures and materials.

i was lucky enough to live in a dorm full of architectural details (hello crown molding, mirrored cabinet, and tiles!), but without some delineation of space it would have been easy to fall prey to college dorm room chaos. it’s funny how much style can involve – in the year and a half since i moved into this space there are so many different aspects of the room that make me cringe and not want to post these pictures. ikea set frames with ikea mass-produced flower prints? shame on me. oh well, i’ll plead poor college student. anyways, don’t mind the clutter and check out some pictures i found of my previous space:



so, now the fun part … here are some images i’ve been collecting that i think are my big-girl dream room come true!




what’s your big-girl dream room look like? have you ever had a bedroom that is perfectly reflective of your style and personality? do you have a touchstone room that you’re drawn back to for inspiration? how do you define your dream bedroom? how has your own style evolved?


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