wear a few hearts on your sleeve

valentines day is usually my excuse to make goofy, handmade cards for my girlfriends more than celebrate any romance in my life (not that there’s been much, but we’ll save that for another convo…). When else is it appropriate to draw any animal you want, color it pink, and surround it with curlicued haikus about love/nature/friendship/whatever inspires you in the moment? this opportunity cannot be wasted!

hearts and arrows! click through for DIY instructions

but, i just came across this heart covered, middle school style, friendship bracelet online, and i think i may have to find some way to attach one to each of my cards. a collar for the pink spotted puppy perhaps? or a branch home for the world’s only known rose colored monkey?

i’ve started practicing, and it’s taken me two bracelets to perfect the process. it’s definitely not hard to make these FYI, it just takes some concentration, and i am one easily distracted individual. for anyone like me, who hates reading long lists of instructions and likes to dive in head first, or just needs a quick refresher of their bracelet knotting skills, here are a few tips:

  • any time they tell you to tie a knot, tie TWO. i made the mistake of single-knotting for a while and ended up with some very limp, perforated looking hearts. double-knot people.
  • keep the knots loose. when they’re loose, they have more volume, take up more space, prevent your bracelet from looking hole-y. this also makes it easier to undo any mistakes you make along the way.
  • always knot the two middle strings together after each side is done! this somehow wasn’t clear to me from the instructions, but without the knot your bracelet just turns into two strands connected by a knot at the top. NOT WHAT WE WANT.

now that i am a heart-weaving master, i am off to the craft store to stock up on deliciously colored embroidery thread! i am excited to personalize each bracelet depending on my friends’ favorite colors. hopefully they enjoy the gifts as much as i do!

look who else wanted to join in the crafting fun!


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