skin deep

i had a teeth cleaning appointment today, which i have to say is one of my least favorite activities. the sounds of the metal tools rubbing against my teeth – is there anything worse? it gives me a shiver down my spine just writing it! beyond that sweet song is the sweetness that is the dentist asking you questions while inserting instruments in your mouth. really? yes, thank you for asking me about my exciting life so i can not only feel badly about myself, but also choke as i serenade you with stories. (really, my dentist is the sweetest woman ever … but still!)

anyways, i clearly excel at tangents. the exciting part of my visit was that my dentist told me, after she removed her magnifying lenses, that my skin looked “fabulous” under the bright lights. i flashed my newly glistening pearly whites, did a victory lap, and dutifully answered her questions about what products i use on my skin.

i’ve always been obsessed with skin for a variety of reasons including but not limited to a. i had terrible skin during various parts of my “awkward” years (yes, i’m deeming them over). b. i have an extreme compulsion to pop anything resembling a pimple and c. i have extremely fair skin that burns and blotches easily. with that winning recipe for success, i’ve long made it my mission to have clear, radiant skin that will *fingers crossed* preserves itself as i age.

i will fully admit i am no skincare pro, but i am determined to have the skin i want without breaking the bank. you also run into the gamut of skin types (dry, oil, combination) but i’m the first to admit my skin changes with the weather, my stress level, and my daily routine. speaking of my routine, beyond my copious amounts of water (sometimes translated to Snapple and Diet Hansen’s root beer), here it goes:

i used to splurge on scrubs, but i’ve discovered the key for me is what you put on after you wash your face. i’m not advocating using a bar of soap, but by my standards some drug store face scrubs will do just as good of a job as the expensive brands. my favorites thus far:

Olay                                                Aveeno


where i do invest is in moisturizers because the way i see it, they are the fun stuff your skin absorbs after you clean it. my ultimate favorite brand of moisturizers is Epicuren. Epicuren is a company that uses enzyme technology developed originally to treat burn victims. seeing the results on traumatized skin, the scientists took their enzyme formula to develop the desired texture, smoothness, and radiance of healthy, non-traumatized skin. i would highly recommend any of their products, but my all-time go to moisturizer for every day is their facial emulsion enzyme moisturizer.

Epicuren                 (side-note: my other favorite product of theirs)


so on top of my nicely washed and moisturized skin, i apply my favorite makeup … dun dun dun, cue bare escentuals. i feel like the brand needs no introduction, but perhaps that’s because it’s a bay area brand. if you are already lost, i demand you go research their site. they’re an all-natural makeup company that focuses on finding products that improve your skin as you wear them. my favorite part of their foundation is that it has SPF, which is 110% necessary on my pasty whiteness (i’ve been called Casper before, true story). having SPF mixed into your foundation also means you don’t have to invest in a separate facial sunscreen or worry about oily product build up. in short, i dare everyone to try their starter kit.

get started kit                                         foundation


so there you have it! as easy as 1-2-3, right? i can get ready in the morning in under 5 mins now that i’ve found my go-to products and routine that i know will keep my skin glowing all the way from sunrise to my dreaded dentist appointment. hopefully this novel of a post was informational or at least inspirational. i, myself, am now inspired to do a post about my favorite drug store makeup finds … stay tuned, friends!


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