to the office, and beyond!

getting dressed for work every morning is a struggle to say the least. not because i’m groggy, uncaffeinated, or disorganized (though these are all occasionally true), but because i am still figuring out how to dress appropriately, but stylishly, in an office environment. gone are the days when employees were slaves to their neutral colored suits. with the public becoming more and more style conscious, trends are being increasingly incorporated into office wear, and we must figure out how to keep up!

i am lucky to work in a casual environment, but i enjoy mixing it up and styling myself in a way that is more professional than my average outfit. here is an outfit similar to the one i wore today. it has classic shapes, but in more relaxed materials, and uses fun details to add some excitement. i LOVE the shoes here, but i must say, my actual shoes were gold and glittery, much more fun, definitely more exciting.
now that i’ve got my juices flowing, here’s another one. i could actually make most of this outfit with items i have in my closet now, but the best parts are, of course, the ones i dont have. leopard pumps and the ultimate work/play bag? definitely included in my definition of future sartorial success.
and everyone knows that the best part of the workday is the end… here’s a little gem of a scene that i experienced on the bus home.

what a boss

yes, that is a giant beer in his hand. why didn’t i think of that?
p.s. i did all of the outfit collages on, amazing website, i think i am officially addicted.

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