sugary sandwich

just a fun, little something sweet. i followed this recipe a few weeks back (before we became a blogging sensation … haha) so i don’t have pictures to guide you through the process, but it’s about as easy and fun as baking gets!

to set the story: i was trying to fill some time while my friend, who was staying with me for the weekend, finished her driving course online to get out of a ticket. while she sat at my kitchen counter on her computer i was compelled to bake to entertain us both. plus, i knew i was going somewhere the next night where i could unload my goodies (and not pull the usual and consume them all myself). so, with a box of funfetti mix in hand and vanilla frosting in the cupboard, i had my sights set on making these funfetti sandwich cookies i had ran across while searching for fun recipes online.

though funfetti doesn’t fit the new baking trends of organic and wholesome, it’s always a nostalgic childhood reminder for me of the good ol’ days when i thought i was a serious baker making cakes and cupcakes out of the box. i guess times really haven’t changed that much.

so, follow the recipe:

  +    +   


i didn’t pay close enough attention when making the outside, sandwich part that i had to use cookie cutters to get a circular and even shape after the fact. i’d recommend making sure you portion your dough evenly onto your cookie sheet to make your life easier. once the outside part is made it’s time for the filling:


you could use your own homemade frosting, but i had the store-bought kind on hand, so i happily took the easy route. by using different fun (or themed) sprinkles you could tailor your cookie sandwich to any occasion.

…the end result!


of course, the token instagramed photo that was sent to a few choice friends so they could poke fun at me!

there you have it — sugary, funfetti yummyness. even when misshapen and goofy looking they were a huge hit! check out baked perfection‘s other cookie sandwich ideas: lemon, creamsicle, eggnog, etc. her pictures and directions are much more professional and helpful.


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