currently coveting…

here are 5 things that i saw and knew i had to make/buy/incorporate into my life:
1. neon-lined lace. how cute is this dress on alexa? and on the more attainable side, this skirt DIY? she suggests sewing a new, bright lining into your skirt, but i just say, cut the old lining out and use the lace overlay to breathe new life into those body-con skirts you no longer feel comfortable wearing alone. then you can switch up the color as often as you like!
2.  valentine crafts that can be repurposed for later. how cute would these candles be as stars (or anything really) at any time of the year?

3. easy hair accessories that make it look like you put in more effort than you did. you could just carry this around in your purse, throw it on in a pinch and … boom, glamour. +20 points .

4. delicious, simple recipes, like baked grapefruit, to make seasonal bumper crops less monotonous. an anonymous neighbor left a HUGE bag of grapefruits at our front door, and as much as i loved them the first 10 times, i am excited to change it up. plus, i find it hard sometimes to eat cold foods when it’s cold outside, so bonus that these are warm.

5. i love the idea of a tasseled keychain. i still have my college’s pendant hanging off of my keys, but it may be time to let go. i’ll start the transition with the tasseled ones shown here.


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