spring fever!

with this winter’s inconsistent weather, i haven’t really spent much time in winter mode. in any case, i am still awaiting spring with bated breath. maybe it’s because the weather has recently been particularly spring-y, with fresh winds and bright sunshine, or maybe it’s the spring collections that are beginning to appear on blogs around the internet. in any case, i can’t wait. here are a few ideas that will definitely be incorporated into my life come REAL spring:

dresses in fun florals with interesting details

dresses in light fabrics and colors that can transfer easily from day to night

knitted neckwear worn with slinky nightwear (perfect for those tricky spring breezes)

cute hanging planter to hold a new plant baby (this is a DIY! click though for instructions)

embroidery thread for my valentines day bracelet DIY

tea party decor featuring neon pink, beige and white

i’m serious about recreating this tea party, i think that i may even have that exact model horse stashed away in my closet somewhere. now i just need to find a recipe for those elongated loop cookies…

do you have any plans for spring?


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