tu veux un cookie?

we have had a madeleine pan sitting in our cupboard for several years now, untouched, and i’m sure feeling very unloved. with today’s dismal weather (of course right after i champion the coming of spring…) i needed a project. i’m not sure why i’ve never gotten around to making madeleines in the past, they are surprisingly easy, and the perfect, light cookie to snack on when you don’t want anything too heavy. though i’ve seen some dipped in chocolate and i am not above taking that final, and sometimes necessary step, this batch went sans chocolate. here are some pictures to document the adventure.

i used smitten kitchen’s recipe for classic madeleines, they said to refrigerate the dough for at least 3 hours, others said only a half hour. we did one hour and didn’t have any problems. help yourself to the recipe here.

the scene of the crime

martha stewart has madeleine recipes that include rose-water, chocolate, mocha and cornmeal-honey variations. now that i’ve mastered the basic cookie i’ll be moving on to those next. check martha’s version out here.

and yes, i will be making these for my springtime tea party. stay tuned.


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