knot it! again!

i’ve discovered another way to perfect the voluminous topknot that has been so prevalent recently. for those who fear the side effects of the teasing, or find themselves in need of a quick style change with no tools, you may prefer this method to the perfectly rounded bun method posted previously by E. i can attest that her styling tips work wonders, and create a bun with great staying power, but my hair never holds a tease (maybe because i back-comb half-heartedly, but the process makes me fear for the life of my hair), so when I saw this tip at work this morning, i jumped out of my chair and ran to the closest mirror to test it out.

separate your ponytail into two sections and tie two loose knots (or more if you have longer hair!)

wrap your hair around the base as you would a normal bun and tuck the ends under your elastic, or pin them down. ignore the weird loose ends they left hanging out. no one likes loose ends...

with the bone-chilling temps, i needed a hairstyle that would allow max scarf coverage, aka no hair allowed below the ears. my ballerina bun has begun to sag but was instantly revived with some knotting! as weird as it sounds (especially from someone who just confessed her fears of the consequences of teasing), tying the two sides of my ponytail in knots gave my bun great volume and an interesting braided texture. tucking the bun ends into the elastic holding my ponytail, it required nothing else to hold it up. pins would have done well too, maybe better, but desperate times call for sacrifice…

moral of the story: when in need of an easy, instant updo, start knotting!


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