office space

lets face it, most of us “working professionals” spend the majority of our days at a desk — at home or at the office — whether we like it or not. architecture in is its essence is shelter, so using design to create a personalized work spaces will stimulate you emotionally and mentally. i truly believe the more time you take to build a space that is beautiful to you, the more the space will inspire you back as you work. your office space should not be put together based on whats trendy in home decor, but rather what will nourish you. to do this, you must understand your lifestyle and what comfort means to you. without being comfortable and at peace, your brain will not be able to think, create, or work to its highest potential. so, what kind of work space do you crave? obviously we do not all have the luxury of paint and large scale decor, so look at the details. look for the minute elements that give you a sense of comfort, serenity, joy, inspiration, creativity, peace of mind, etc., and brainstorm on ways to incorporate them into your space. here are some office spaces that awaken me:


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