happy weekend!

i started my holiday weekend off with some shopping, and a new purse! everyone, this is eva, and i am very excited for her to join my closet…

cute, no? she has a shape similar to an hermes kelly bag, which i’ve always loved (who doesn’t love hermes??), and seems big enough to hold a fair amount of stuff so i can take her to work, out, even use her as an overnight bag if i pack really well. and she’s brown! yes, E, i am that predictable. i think that she would go quite nicely with the lovely outfit you posted for me.

in other news, i am finally moving on monday (!!) so i will be spending the rest of the weekend packing up all of my earthly belongings. the fun is over.

hope you all take time to revel in the extra day off, maybe make a delicious brunch? these egg boats and lacy pancakes look delicious. work on some projects to jazz up your living space? go somewhere beautiful? make like this dog and recover from your week? you know what’s best.

enjoy it!


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