soft as silk

blouses by equipment

i’ve been craving more silk blouses in my life lately, i think that their drapey fit and softness just get to me. not to mention that they are the ultimate “wear with everything” piece. worn with a pencil skirt or slacks to the office, even a bright or patterned silk blouse fits right in to the toughest work uniform. with jeans or a skirt it transitions to the weekend. and if you’re feeling up for it, throw it over a swimsuit and it’s the perfect cover-up for beach days! not that water and sand are good for silk. maybe that one is best left to the catalogs…

so i will be looking around for some blouses to add to the rotation. i love the ones at equipment, but they’re a bit pricey, so i think i’ll try vintage hunting first. here are some combinations that i am planning on working with my future silk shirt collection:

in a bright color to dress up jeans...

in a dark color or simple pattern to tone down bright jeans

with white shorts for summer...

or in white with more formal pants for work

for casual weekend days...

and not so casual weekend days

anyone else as addicted as i am?


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