must get chocolate

in an effort to quench the intense chocolate cravings i am having right now (HUGE problem seeing that i have no chocolate and no intention of leaving my house just to get some), i have been searching for delicious, chocolatey, recipes, hoping that mental indulgence will help. i think it’s having the opposite effect, but i wont force any more of my misery on you, and instead, present this gift: a recipe for insanely rich chocolate mousse that has… two ingredients. seriously. CHOCOLATE AND WATER. if i didn’t fail at stocking my pantry i could be feasting right now. i hope that the rest of you are luckier i.e. more prepared than i am.

you’re welcome.

PS: i like the direct spoon to mouth option, but apparently this also makes a good cake filling. and if you want to get really fancy you can infuse other flavors into the water before adding the chocolate. they suggest earl grey tea, which i have. baby steps.


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