i am newly re-addicted to tennis shoes.


after the skater shoe fad swept my middle school back in the early noughties (yes, i excitedly participated, and quickly regretted it) i looked disdainfully at tennis shoes as something associated with past sartorial mistakes. i occasionally borrowed my mom’s white jack purcells, and did have a pair of converse that i let my sister steal after a while, but never had a pair that i felt worked with everything and wanted to wear every day.

that love has arrived my friends. i got a pair of bensimon sneakers on major sale at Madewell a few weeks ago, and once i put them on this weekend i couldn’t take them off. they went with me from the pool, throughout the city, shopping, and on a walk with my dogs. i switched between corduroys and an oxford to a striped t-shirt dress to shorts, and they added the perfect casual note to every outfit.

i love how they have such a slim profile. the sole is not too heavy, and the thin capped toe gives it a polished look without the thickness of that found on jack purcells. they feel like flats! but more comfortable… and they don’t make my size 9 feet look clown-ish. bonus: i feel like a chic french woman when i wear them. who knew running after the bus could be so chic!

i hope it stays as warm as it’s been so i can keep wearing them every day!


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