rory beca @ forever 21

i’ve always been a fan of Rory Beca, a brand that tailors to my love of silk, prints, and simple yet bold tops and dresses. Rory’s website says that she’s inspired by “fabrics, art, music and travel,” so clearly she deserves her places in the blog spotlight. so what’s the catch,  you ask? it’s the cha-ching. her luxurious silk clothes run from about $100-300 on major shopping sites like shopbop.

cue Forever 21 and their new collaborations with top-notch designers. Forever and Rory Beca have teamed up before, but i just ran across their new collection, and every budget conscious fashion lover needs to check it out ASAP (i.e. before they sell out!) i assumed you’ve already guessed that since these little gems are being sold at Forever 21 we are not talking about luxury and silk. as much as this disappoints me, you get what you pay for and the bargain version is selling for $20-40! you read that right, ladies (and gentlemen?). i wholeheartedly believe fabric is important in all clothing decisions, but for trendy and/or seasonal non-investment pieces, keeping it simple can sometimes work out well too. focus on the clean, feminine lines and movement of the pieces. i’m smitten — who doesn’t love a bargain! i’m not even going to put a question mark after that statement.

here are a few of my favorite pieces — what do you think?



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