Monthly Archives: June 2012


SUMMER: not a time to be laden with heavy jewelry. Yes, arm parties are all the rage, and chunky or layered necklaces are the perfect counterpoint to flowing sundresses, but I have a low tolerance for things that hold me down, and heavy jewelry is my enemy #1 at the mo.

Yet, as a girl, and one who enjoys being adorned with something shiny to match my tan, I could never go bare chested (or fingered, or wristed) when I am trying to look my best. Cue simple wire/chain jewelry.


E and I bought a set of these on Etsy, and we both wear them EVERY DAY. No joke.


DIY me!


I need to make both of these bracelets stat.


May have to hone my wiring skills a bit before I commit to this one…

BONUS! Most of these are DIY-able. My friend made me an adorable, and super simple, wired rosette ring to match the ones I bought on Etsy, and if it hadn’t started snagging on my clothes I would have worn it forever. I’m going to have to commission her to make me another one with a sleeker profile.

Instructions if you would like to make your own: wrap a bit of wire around a lip-gloss tube about the width of your finger, twist the two ends together and then wrap the ends around like you would a bun in your hair. Tuck the ends in and you’re done. Easy peasy.

DOUBLE BONUS! These pieces are practically indestructible. Sun, sand, sunscreen, whatever summer trouble you plan on getting into, these babies will follow you faithfully, and the only change you may see is a slight patina, improving their character if anything.

So let’s get on with it! And regroup at the end of summer to compare our color? I think so.

Happy Weekend everyone!