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Peppy for Peplum

What’s peplum? Peplum originates from the Greek word for “tunic,” which gets my art historical brain a-twitchin’. A “peplos” was a long garment typically worn by women during the classical period of ancient Greece around 500 BC. The signature style was a piece of  tube-shaped fabric that was folded inside-out and pinned around the middle to make the tube ankle length. The style created the look for a second layer of clothing.

Confused? Bear with me. Check out Athena wearing a peplos from the 5th century:

Fast forward from the 5th century to our present 21st century. Peplum has made its comeback and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Though I think some versions of peplum can sway the line from classy to questionable, most versions make me completely peppy for peplum.

My original concern that was a curvy female myself, adding extra fabric in the hip area wouldn’t be ideal. However, I’ve discovered, it’s just the opposite. When done right, flaring fabric from the hip can hide some wanted muffin top or easily add some curves for you lucky girls sans hips.

Here are a few of my favorite peplum pictures followed by some inspirational (and affordable!) pieces:

lace and peplum? swoon!

stripes are scary, yes? but these angular stripes are slimming as they all go in differing directions
neutral elegance, my favorite
these colors are a little Halloween-ish to me, but I adore the look
 Finally, some individual pieces:
I assume those are all currently in your shopping cart, yes?
Happy 4th of July to you and yours!