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Peppy for Peplum

What’s peplum? Peplum originates from the Greek word for “tunic,” which gets my art historical brain a-twitchin’. A “peplos” was a long garment typically worn by women during the classical period of ancient Greece around 500 BC. The signature style was a piece of  tube-shaped fabric that was folded inside-out and pinned around the middle to make the tube ankle length. The style created the look for a second layer of clothing.

Confused? Bear with me. Check out Athena wearing a peplos from the 5th century:

Fast forward from the 5th century to our present 21st century. Peplum has made its comeback and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Though I think some versions of peplum can sway the line from classy to questionable, most versions make me completely peppy for peplum.

My original concern that was a curvy female myself, adding extra fabric in the hip area wouldn’t be ideal. However, I’ve discovered, it’s just the opposite. When done right, flaring fabric from the hip can hide some wanted muffin top or easily add some curves for you lucky girls sans hips.

Here are a few of my favorite peplum pictures followed by some inspirational (and affordable!) pieces:

lace and peplum? swoon!

stripes are scary, yes? but these angular stripes are slimming as they all go in differing directions
neutral elegance, my favorite
these colors are a little Halloween-ish to me, but I adore the look
 Finally, some individual pieces:
I assume those are all currently in your shopping cart, yes?
Happy 4th of July to you and yours!


SUMMER: not a time to be laden with heavy jewelry. Yes, arm parties are all the rage, and chunky or layered necklaces are the perfect counterpoint to flowing sundresses, but I have a low tolerance for things that hold me down, and heavy jewelry is my enemy #1 at the mo.

Yet, as a girl, and one who enjoys being adorned with something shiny to match my tan, I could never go bare chested (or fingered, or wristed) when I am trying to look my best. Cue simple wire/chain jewelry.


E and I bought a set of these on Etsy, and we both wear them EVERY DAY. No joke.


DIY me!


I need to make both of these bracelets stat.


May have to hone my wiring skills a bit before I commit to this one…

BONUS! Most of these are DIY-able. My friend made me an adorable, and super simple, wired rosette ring to match the ones I bought on Etsy, and if it hadn’t started snagging on my clothes I would have worn it forever. I’m going to have to commission her to make me another one with a sleeker profile.

Instructions if you would like to make your own: wrap a bit of wire around a lip-gloss tube about the width of your finger, twist the two ends together and then wrap the ends around like you would a bun in your hair. Tuck the ends in and you’re done. Easy peasy.

DOUBLE BONUS! These pieces are practically indestructible. Sun, sand, sunscreen, whatever summer trouble you plan on getting into, these babies will follow you faithfully, and the only change you may see is a slight patina, improving their character if anything.

So let’s get on with it! And regroup at the end of summer to compare our color? I think so.

Happy Weekend everyone!

it’s here!

i know, i know, i’m a few days behind. i’ve been too busy enjoying the first signs of spring! i can’t wait for it to fully set in, i have big plans for you this year spring…

light layers

flowers galore

eating alfresco

nature walks

simple recipes

happy spring everyone!

dance party?

agyness deyn for rebecca minkoff.

if anyone knows the name of this song, please share. it needs to be my spring anthem.

spring temptations

oh madewell, you temptress. here i am, sitting in my kitchen, watching the rain moving in what looks like three directions at once (thank you wind), and you put out the digital edition of your spring/summer catalog. with terrible rain forecasted at least through the end of the week, the only chance i will have to recreate your au bord de la seine atmosphere will be in my room, next to a space heater, looking at a poster of paris. hopefully, our erratic weather patterns return and this week will be followed by a week of pure, glorious sunshine. fingers crossed.




i wish...

rory beca @ forever 21

i’ve always been a fan of Rory Beca, a brand that tailors to my love of silk, prints, and simple yet bold tops and dresses. Rory’s website says that she’s inspired by “fabrics, art, music and travel,” so clearly she deserves her places in the blog spotlight. so what’s the catch,  you ask? it’s the cha-ching. her luxurious silk clothes run from about $100-300 on major shopping sites like shopbop.

cue Forever 21 and their new collaborations with top-notch designers. Forever and Rory Beca have teamed up before, but i just ran across their new collection, and every budget conscious fashion lover needs to check it out ASAP (i.e. before they sell out!) i assumed you’ve already guessed that since these little gems are being sold at Forever 21 we are not talking about luxury and silk. as much as this disappoints me, you get what you pay for and the bargain version is selling for $20-40! you read that right, ladies (and gentlemen?). i wholeheartedly believe fabric is important in all clothing decisions, but for trendy and/or seasonal non-investment pieces, keeping it simple can sometimes work out well too. focus on the clean, feminine lines and movement of the pieces. i’m smitten — who doesn’t love a bargain! i’m not even going to put a question mark after that statement.

here are a few of my favorite pieces — what do you think?



i am newly re-addicted to tennis shoes.


after the skater shoe fad swept my middle school back in the early noughties (yes, i excitedly participated, and quickly regretted it) i looked disdainfully at tennis shoes as something associated with past sartorial mistakes. i occasionally borrowed my mom’s white jack purcells, and did have a pair of converse that i let my sister steal after a while, but never had a pair that i felt worked with everything and wanted to wear every day.

that love has arrived my friends. i got a pair of bensimon sneakers on major sale at Madewell a few weeks ago, and once i put them on this weekend i couldn’t take them off. they went with me from the pool, throughout the city, shopping, and on a walk with my dogs. i switched between corduroys and an oxford to a striped t-shirt dress to shorts, and they added the perfect casual note to every outfit.

i love how they have such a slim profile. the sole is not too heavy, and the thin capped toe gives it a polished look without the thickness of that found on jack purcells. they feel like flats! but more comfortable… and they don’t make my size 9 feet look clown-ish. bonus: i feel like a chic french woman when i wear them. who knew running after the bus could be so chic!

i hope it stays as warm as it’s been so i can keep wearing them every day!

back to the basics

as much as i’ve been “branching out” lately, aka buying my bold yellow pants, i love me some basics. foolproof, classy, seamless, chic, the basics are timeless for a the mere reason that they can never steer you wrong. check out this outfit: crisp, light-washed jeans for spring, plain white tee, beige trench, and a little black skimmer. this outfit just makes me want go sit on the patio of my favorite little hipster-tastic lunch spots in LA before window shopping quirky stores with a coffee in my hand and my good friends by my side. where would you go in this outfit? i’ll meet you there.



home is where I am with you



soft as silk

blouses by equipment

i’ve been craving more silk blouses in my life lately, i think that their drapey fit and softness just get to me. not to mention that they are the ultimate “wear with everything” piece. worn with a pencil skirt or slacks to the office, even a bright or patterned silk blouse fits right in to the toughest work uniform. with jeans or a skirt it transitions to the weekend. and if you’re feeling up for it, throw it over a swimsuit and it’s the perfect cover-up for beach days! not that water and sand are good for silk. maybe that one is best left to the catalogs…

so i will be looking around for some blouses to add to the rotation. i love the ones at equipment, but they’re a bit pricey, so i think i’ll try vintage hunting first. here are some combinations that i am planning on working with my future silk shirt collection:

in a bright color to dress up jeans...

in a dark color or simple pattern to tone down bright jeans

with white shorts for summer...

or in white with more formal pants for work

for casual weekend days...

and not so casual weekend days

anyone else as addicted as i am?

and it was all yellow

i’ve been trying to take off my black and white lenses and break out of my bright color phobic comfort zone. easier said than done … old habits do die hard. however, this weekend, in a moment of strength, i purchased a pair of yellow skinny jeans. yes, you read that right: YELLOW skinny jeans. i know colored pants are very in right now, but i’ve had a hard time finding my own spin in wearing a colored pant. most of the mannequins i pass downtown have color upon color upon color, which honestly isn’t my style. so, here’s my spin on a yellow pant. is it too mellow yellow for you?

mellow yellow