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it’s here!

i know, i know, i’m a few days behind. i’ve been too busy enjoying the first signs of spring! i can’t wait for it to fully set in, i have big plans for you this year spring…

light layers

flowers galore

eating alfresco

nature walks

simple recipes

happy spring everyone!


making up for lost time

anyone else really feeling that lost hour? that plus the cold and rain that just hit san francisco with the energy it’s been saving all winter has me feeling like napping here all day:

not a possibility unfortunately… i’ll have to push through with the aid of my new best friend

and thoughts of a sunnier tomorrow. or next week seeing that they’ve predicted rain for a few more days. i may have to resort to more intensive forms of therapy.

coconut and lime rice pudding

or if things get really bad:

homemade nutella

anyone else with me?

aha! a clue!

do you ever wonder where certain words came from? like why butterfly has the word butter in it? or how the english language evolved to be so damn wordy? i certainly do, and sometimes i feel like the questions eat away at my brain, mostly while i have more important things to get done.

this morning i came across this short film by Jessica Oreck, a documentary film maker, and it seems that in her worldly travels she has had many of the same linguistic questions. she created this clip, part of a future series, to discuss the origin of the word clue.

what do you think? i’m excited to see what she has planned for future episodes!

birthday girl

this weekend my little baby girl turned one year old (February 25 — good, i see you’re jotting that down). fear not friends who haven’t seen me in more than 9 months, i’m referring to my dear puppy Olive. Olive (affectionately called Olz, Ollie, Peanut, Schnugs, Demon, etc.), was a rescue dog from the pound that happened to be one of the most impulsive decisions i have ever made. she’s majorly needy, sometimes nippy, occasionally a crazy ball of energy and barks, but always my trusty and favorite sidekick. isn’t it funny how some of life’s most impulsive decisions turn out to be the most rewarding and life changing? she may be a rescue dog, but i’m pretty sure she saved me and not the other way around.

anyways, enough sap already. to celebrate Olive’s entrance into the world she is now waging her terror on, i baked her a doggie friendly cake she was able to snack on for days. i used this recipe:

i admittedly didn’t have vegetable oil, honey, or shredded carrots, so i used some greek yogurt, crumbled dog food (which resemebled choc chips after baking), olive oil, and cream to my own discression. i “frosted” the top with peanut butter and created a “1” with her dog food.

i will neither confirm nor deny that happy birthday substituted with “woofs” was sung. happy birthday my sweet girl, may there be many more birthdays to come.

happy monday!

ok, maybe not so happy monday. i had to wake up extra early this morning, and after an extended dinner last night with a girlfriend it was not the easiest of tasks… but looking back at pictures taken from this weekend, i get a jolt of inspiration from the fact that:

a. spring is (hopefully) actually here!

b. there are only 4.5 days left til next weekend! time to start planning some epic activities so we have something to look forward to throughout the week.

here are some glimpses of my weekend (including my sister’s 19th birthday!), as you can tell, making and eating food ranks pretty high on my list of favorite activities…

last image is of some AMAZING blue cheese crackers, recipe from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess.

they’re amazing. recipe and pics to follow.

back to the basics

as much as i’ve been “branching out” lately, aka buying my bold yellow pants, i love me some basics. foolproof, classy, seamless, chic, the basics are timeless for a the mere reason that they can never steer you wrong. check out this outfit: crisp, light-washed jeans for spring, plain white tee, beige trench, and a little black skimmer. this outfit just makes me want go sit on the patio of my favorite little hipster-tastic lunch spots in LA before window shopping quirky stores with a coffee in my hand and my good friends by my side. where would you go in this outfit? i’ll meet you there.



home is where I am with you



happy weekend!

i started my holiday weekend off with some shopping, and a new purse! everyone, this is eva, and i am very excited for her to join my closet…

cute, no? she has a shape similar to an hermes kelly bag, which i’ve always loved (who doesn’t love hermes??), and seems big enough to hold a fair amount of stuff so i can take her to work, out, even use her as an overnight bag if i pack really well. and she’s brown! yes, E, i am that predictable. i think that she would go quite nicely with the lovely outfit you posted for me.

in other news, i am finally moving on monday (!!) so i will be spending the rest of the weekend packing up all of my earthly belongings. the fun is over.

hope you all take time to revel in the extra day off, maybe make a delicious brunch? these egg boats and lacy pancakes look delicious. work on some projects to jazz up your living space? go somewhere beautiful? make like this dog and recover from your week? you know what’s best.

enjoy it!

happy love day!

whether spent on the town or in the tub with candles, i like to think that valentines day is as much about loving yourself as loving others, so i hope that you all took a chance to stop and appreciate yourselves and the amazing things that you have accomplished/created in your lives! (this paper chain of hearts perhaps? it will certainly be in my future list of accomplishments). each person is a gift, and the way they choose to pursue life is just the icing on the cake.


hope you all had a great night!


on the whole, i always enjoy watching award shows. if not only for the spectacle and glamour, but also due to the fact that the show gets me up to speed on the happenings of the past year. take for example last night’s Grammy awards…

don’t worry friends, i know who Adele and Bon Iver are, but one important thing i seemed to have (wisely) missed in the past year is Chris Brown’s comeback? since when is he back in the spotlight and getting positive affirmation? instead of ranting, i encourage you to read this article in its entirety (regardless of your opinion of the singer’s indiscretions):

UPDATE: prepare to be more shocked… looks like even Rihanna has forgiven him, they’re recording a new song together! what is going on?!?

follow the signs