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must get chocolate

in an effort to quench the intense chocolate cravings i am having right now (HUGE problem seeing that i have no chocolate and no intention of leaving my house just to get some), i have been searching for delicious, chocolatey, recipes, hoping that mental indulgence will help. i think it’s having the opposite effect, but i wont force any more of my misery on you, and instead, present this gift: a recipe for insanely rich chocolate mousse that has… two ingredients. seriously. CHOCOLATE AND WATER. if i didn’t fail at stocking my pantry i could be feasting right now. i hope that the rest of you are luckier i.e. more prepared than i am.

you’re welcome.

PS: i like the direct spoon to mouth option, but apparently this also makes a good cake filling. and if you want to get really fancy you can infuse other flavors into the water before adding the chocolate. they suggest earl grey tea, which i have. baby steps.


yes, please

can i pretty please with sugar on top look this easy-breezy-chic on the daily? i can just imagine the fringed scarf blowing in the wind as i walk to grab my jasmine tea latte at coffee bean. i love the muted tones and effortless glam, don’t you?




on the whole, i always enjoy watching award shows. if not only for the spectacle and glamour, but also due to the fact that the show gets me up to speed on the happenings of the past year. take for example last night’s Grammy awards…

don’t worry friends, i know who Adele and Bon Iver are, but one important thing i seemed to have (wisely) missed in the past year is Chris Brown’s comeback? since when is he back in the spotlight and getting positive affirmation? instead of ranting, i encourage you to read this article in its entirety (regardless of your opinion of the singer’s indiscretions):

UPDATE: prepare to be more shocked… looks like even Rihanna has forgiven him, they’re recording a new song together! what is going on?!?

mini escapes

anyone else already dreaming of summer vacations? or a holiday of any kind? i’ve been escaping into these videos, the first which makes me want to explore my own area, and the other which makes me want to travel far away. both are both stop-motion films, composed of tons of slightly altered pictures that create the illusion of movement. how cool is that? makes me want to make one next time i go somewhere. we’ll see…